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Best Casio Calculator – 2024 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Antonio Evans November 23, 2019

Best Casio Calculator 2018Whether you are preparing for a Statistics Exam or you are in business and need to figure out the sum of items, a calculator is an invaluable tool.

Casio began as a calculator developer before delving into other electronic equipment.

It has a sound footing in the manufacturing of calculators from scientific models to graphing, and engineering calculators.

A Casio calculator can make such a huge difference in your life. First, you’ll be buying from a brand that has been in this industry for decades. The functions cover a wide array of applications. From arithmetic operations, engineering notations, and metric conversions, you’ll have every feature you need.

To get the best Casio Calculator, you’ll want to know the purpose to which you want to own a Calculator.

We’ve compiled five of the Best Casio Calculators ’2024’ to cover a variety of applications.

Top Pick from Casio calculators
Best choice from Casio calculators

  • Natural Textbook Display
  • High-Resolution LCD Display
  • Casio “Picture Plot” Technology
  • Color Link and Conditional
  • Built-in Graphing of Conic Sections
  • Interactive Equation Solver

In a hurry? Top Pick is your choice!

Casio Calculators Comparison Chart

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5 Best Casio Calculators (as of May, 2024):


1. Casio PRIZM FX-CG-50-L-IH Calculator – Best Casio Graphing Calculator for College Review

Editor's choice


  • Natural Textbook Display
  • High-Resolution LCD Display
  • Casio “Picture Plot” Technology
  • Color Link and Conditional
  • Built-in Graphing of Conic Sections
  • Interactive Equation Solver

The Casio PRIZM FX-CG-50-L-IH is one of the best graphing calculator for college students who are just starting their courses.It boasts a slim design which you’ll be able to stow away in your backpack or purse.

It also has negligible weight meaning it will never be a bother when you are carrying heavy textbooks.

It will be of great use for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Chemistry, Physics, AP Calculus, Trigonometry, AP Statistics, Geometry, and Business & Finance.

Casio PRIZM FX-CG-50-L-IH Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Casio Calculator for College 2018

User-Friendly Design

This calculator features a textbook display. It allows you to dial in numbers in their correct notation. This means they will appear as they do in your textbook or as the teacher writes them on the board.

It gives you a sound understanding of the formula so that you can perform better in Math and Science Classes.

Color Display

Casio Graphing Calculator has 65,000 color choices. It gives you Math in full color, making it easy to visualize concepts.

It has a large display that allows you to graph multiple equations. This helps you to compare problems while finding solutions. It boasts a sharp and crisp viewing experience which is one of its selling points.

Many Applications

The Casio CG-50 integrates many useful applications among them picture plot technology. It is a technique where you can add real-life images and overlay graphs on them so that you can relate a problem to the real-life situation it solves.

The calculator has 3D dimensional graphing to help students look at a graph from all angles. This means you’ll never miss something when the tutor explains a particular graph. It also has an improved catalog function which gives your better involvement in applying mathematics to life.

Main Features:

  • Natural Textbook Display
  • High-resolution LCD display with over 65,000 colors
  • Casio “Picture Plot” technology – infusing real-life images into math
  • Color Link and Conditional – Formatting for graphs, charts, and spreadsheets
  • Built-in graphing of conic sections
  • Easily calculate values for given independent/dependent values
  • Interactive Equation Solver
  • Direct-connect to compatible projectors, USB-to-computer connectivity
  • Not a Computer Algebra System (C.A.S.)
  • Recommended for Students taking Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 11, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Finance & Business
What we like
  • Approved for most major exams including SATs, AP, ACT, and PSAT/NMSQ
  • It has a user-friendly icon-based menu
  • Allows 3D graphing
  • Improved catalog function
  • Picture plot capability
  • It has a high-resolution color LCD screen with 65,000 colors
  • The LCD screen is 3.17 inches wide with 82,000 pixels
  • Best for statistics and regression
  • It can connect to a computer using a USB cable
  • Entries can be edited
What we don’t like
  • Pictures might become grainy at times
  • The display can appear cramped when you graph too many equations

How to use the Color Graphing Calculator Casio PRIZM FX-CG-50-L-IH:

Casio Graphical Calculators: Basics (fx-CG50, fx-CG20 and all others)

2. Casio FX-85GTPLUS Calculator — Best Casio Scientific Calculator for GCSE to A-Level Students Review

Best Value Pick


  • 260 Functions
  • Large 10+2 Display
  • Prime Factorisation
  • Recurring Decimal & Verify
  • Natural Display (Natural-V.P.A.M.)
  • Dual Powered Scientific Calculator

A must-have for schools and students, the Casio FX 85GTPLUS is an incredible model.It comes with a slide-on cover, and it is available in pink and blue to suit your tastes and preferences.

The calculator has 260 functions. It’s just what we could expect in a calculator for Mid-School Students.

The small size is clear indication you’ll never have to be bothered about its weight. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Natural Display

This calculator displays formulas and functions like they would in your textbook. It makes it easy for students to understand the answer since you can follow and familiarize with the process.

This goes for such expressions like power and root, so you never have to wonder where some formulas appeared from. Comprehension becomes smooth and your classes more enjoyable.

Casio FX-85GTPLUS Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Casio Calculator for GCSE to A-Level Students 2018


Batteries and solar energy power this calculator. It will be very long before you ever require changing the battery. It is designed to use the sun’s energy during the day, and it uses batteries in low-lit environments and when the weather does not favor solar power usage.


The Casio FX 85GTPlus does not compromise on the functions. It is an excellent tool for high school students as it helps in solving their kind of Math problems.

This includes such calculations as square root, simplifying fractions, performing trigonometric functions, and displaying of numbers in scientific notation. It also has new functions like the recurring decimal, verify and prime factorization.

Durable Construction

This calculator can handle falls from high places. It comes with a hard plastic cover to protect it whenever it’s not in use. You will like that it uses rugged pads that are unlikely to break or lose color after years of use.

It is a remarkable calculator that’s great for playful pupils since it won’t be coming apart any time soon.

Wide Display

Although this is not a graphing calculator, you can perform a series of calculations on the screen. It provides you with a large LCD screen. Numbers can quickly be seen, and you can edit and make changes as you’d like.

It is an all-around calculator for pupils dealing with advanced High School Math and Science.

Main Features:

  • UK’s No1 Dual powered scientific calculator allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used
  • Used in Key stages 3,4 and above
  • It has 260 functions and is Dual powered
  • It has a large 10+2 display
  • New functions on the GT model are Prime Factorisation, Recurring Decimal and Verify
  • The Natural Display (Natural-V.P.A.M.)
  • Shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in your textbook and this increases comprehension because results are easier to understand
What we like
  • It uses solar energy and battery power
  • It provides 260 functions
  • It offers a natural textbook display
  • It has rugged construction to improve durability
  • Suitable for persons on a budget
  • It has additional features like prime factorization, verify, and recurring decimal
What we don’t like
  • It does not have a color display
  • It cannot save formulas

How to use the Scientific Calculator Casio fx-85GT PLUS look at the video:


3. Casio FX-350MS Calculator – Best Casio Calculator for Students and Professionals Review

Casio FX-350MS

  • 2-Line Display, 10+2 Digits, Plastic keys
  • 240 Functions, Dot Matrix
  • Multi-Replay Function
  • Fraction Calculations
  • Combination & Permutation
  • 9 Variable Memories

As always we always expect Casio calculators to be accurate and functional. The Casio FX-350MS is one of the most by students in Mid-School.

It is a 12-digit calculator offering users the best operation for math calculations. It also has a 2-line display which helps students understand answers betters.

You will notice that this calculator has a plastic construction. It is sturdy, and the buttons are easy to push. Most people like the plastic cover since it can slide under the calculator.
Casio FX-350MS Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Casio Calculator for Students and Professionals 2018

DOT Matrix Display

This device has limited resolution. As such, Casio uses the DOT Matrix display to make it easier to see text and numbers. It is an interesting feature since it uses an LCD which has passive light modulators.

The numbers are big meaning you don’t need to look too close when performing fast calculations.

Multiple Functions

This calculator is designed to handle statistics. It will be useful in regression analysis, standard deviation, STAT-data editor, and over 230 more functions.

The calculator has a natural display popularly known as S.V.P.A.M (Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method).

You’ll like that it uses a 2 level display. It features matrix cells on the top layer and 7-segment LCD on the bottom line. It uses infix notation to input numbers. This is where you can input calculations precisely as they are written.

It functions according to your precedence making it simpler to understand your calculations.

Intuitive Functions

This calculator allows you to take a step back and understand how a specific problem was solved. With the STAT-data function, you can back-step to view your entries. This gives you a chance to correct a mistake in case you missed a step in the calculation process.

It also has a multi-replay function which allows you to store a formula for recall and re-execution.

Main Features:

  • 2-line display, 10+2 Digits, Plastic keys
  • 240 Functions, Dot Matrix
  • Multi-replay function
  • Fraction calculations, Combination and Permutation
  • Statistics (STAT-data editor, Standard deviation, Regression analysis)
  • 9 variable memories
  • Comes with slide-on hard case
  • Button-type battery
What we like
  • It has 240 functions
  • 10 + 2 digital mantissa and exponential display
  • It has a multi-replay function
  • It uses hard plastic keys that are easy to operate
  • P.A.M and 2-line display for better Math understanding
  • It comes with a plastic cover
What we don’t like
  • It cannot tackle complex Mathematics calculations
  • It cannot display in color

4. Casio FX-991EX — Best Casio Calculator for Engineering and Technology Students Review

Casio FX-991EX

  • Natural Textbook Display
  • 10+2 Dot Matrix Display
  • Numeric Integration/Differentiation
  • 552 Functions
  • Simultaneous & Polynomial Solver
  • Multi-Replay & Plastic Keys
  • List Based STAT-Data Editor

Solving math problems has always been difficult for lots of people. It’s much of a challenge if you have to cram many formulas.

But with the help of the Casio FX-991EX, you can start enjoying Math as a subject that offers real-life problem-solving applications.

You’ll like using this calculator if you want one for basic to advanced mathematics.

Intuitive Operability

This calculator comes with interactive operations. They make it easy to use the buttons of this calculator. The textbook based display allows simple use of this scientific calculator. It can display decimals, fractions, roots, logarithms, and many other formulas like they appear in your textbook.

Casio FX-991EX Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Casio Calculator for Engineering and Technology Students 2018

Casio FX-991EX has simple strokes with visualized formulas to make calculations faster. It is best if you have an exam that requires lots of work but you don’t have time to input every formula.

Complex mathematical calculations are made simple just by using the Casio FX-991EX. It takes advantage of display capabilities that were not possible with other previous Casio calculators.

Variety of Functions

This calculator has the functions to support a student’s learning from the basic to advanced high school, and tertiary levels.

With the spreadsheet function, you can solve statistics problems which form a major part of math calculations. The recursion function allows you to enter recursive formulas while Riemann integral makes Riemann functions possible.


Interactive Menu Display

Casio FX-991EX has an icon-based menu. It makes viewing normal such you can select the desired button fast and easy. Not to mention, statistical calculations and variables can be displayed in lists. English messages are displayed unabbreviated for more interactive operations.

Main Features:

  • Numeric Integration/Differentiation, 552 functions
  • Natural textbook display – symbols and numbers appear just as they do in textbook
  • 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display, Dot matrix display
  • Simultaneous and Polynomial Solver
  • Multi-replay
  • Plastic keys
  • List based STAT-data editor
  • Online Visualization Service Using QR Code
  • Solar Powered with Battery Backup (LR44 Button Cell Battery Included)
  • Suitable for Cambridge International Examinations GCSE, AS & A Level
What we like
  • It has a set of advanced functions
  • It uses a natural textbook display
  • Two-way power with either solar or battery power
  • It has a high-resolution LCD
  • It can generate QR codes to be used in real time graphical representation
  • It has 552 functions
What we don’t like
  • It does not store formulas after the calculator is turned off
  • The calculator tends to slide when placed on a smooth surface

Casio FX-991EX Scientific/Engineering Calculator Video Review:

Ten key functions of the Casio FX-991EX Scientific/Engineering Calculator:


5. Casio MS-80B – Best Cheap Portable Desktop Casio Calculator Review

Budget Pick

Casio MS-80B

  • Extra Large 8 Digit Display
  • Desktop Calculator
  • Function Command Signs
  • Tax and Currency conversion
  • Function & Command Signs
  • Profit margin %, +/-, Key Rollover

The Casio MS-80B is compact enough to fit in your briefcase or on your desktop, but large enough to view numbers.

It features an 8-digit display with big buttons.

If you are a business person who needs a calculator for currency conversion, tax calculations, or budgeting calculations, you will be able to find answers fast and easy.

Compact Design

This calculator comes in a convenient size that you can easily slip in your pocket. It weighs only 5.6 ounces so it can practically go anywhere. The screen is angled such that entering numbers is simple. You can share your solutions with others, and the large numbers allow fast typing even when you are in a hurry.

Casio MS-80B Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Portable Casio Calculator 2018

Dual Power

The Casio MS-80B is powered by solar energy and battery power. It is useful both day and night and you’ll never have to replace a battery. The solar power works in dim light, but you’ll have the battery power as a backup.

It even has an auto shut off feature that ensures the device does not lose power when it’s not in use.

Thoughtful Functions

This calculator features independent memory function. It allows you to subtract or add values from the independent memory. This means you’ll be able to use these values later in your calculations. It also has a key rollover feature that ensures you don’t lose anything during fast calculations.

This is a great portable calculator. Anyone who needs a calculator can find some good use in this model. From the seniors to people in business; it has user-friendly features, and the price is a total steal.

Main Features:

  • Two-way Power: Solar and Battery
  • Extra Large 8 digit display
  • Desktop calculator
  • Function command signs
  • Tax and Currency conversion, Function and Command Signs
  • On and Off buttons, Profit margin %, +/-, Key Rollover
  • Durable metal Faceplate
What we like
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • 3-digit comma markers
  • Solar powered with battery backup
  • It is a compact and portable design
  • It has multiple functions for everyday use like currency exchange and tax calculation
What we don’t like
  • It has a one-line display
  • Symbols on the buttons may fade after some years of use

How to set tax % with the calculator Casio MS-80B, look at the video:

How to set tax % on Casio MS-80B calculator. works for most casios.

Best Casio Calculator – Buyers’ Guide

Casio calculators are recommended for use in business, schools, and personal use. As you head out to pick your new Casio calculator, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Advantages of a Casio Calculator

Very Functional. Casio calculators are loved for the functions they bring to the table. Whether you want one to sit the SATs, or are just starting your high school statistics classes, you’ll find a Casio calculator for the task. The different designs range from graphing to scientific, technical, and standard desktop calculators.

Textbook Display. If you need to see calculations as they are in a textbook, Casio graphic and scientific calculators fit the bill. You can easily visualize your work and relate to the concepts as the teacher explains them with the help of these calculators.

Powerful and Fast Calculation Tools. Speed is not a problem with a Casio calculator. They can crunch numbers and give responses in a cinch. They can do regular stuff and complex calculations with the same power and speed.

Reliable Power Sources. Most Casio calculators are operated by solar power and backed up by battery power. Solar is more environment-friendly and cost-effective. These are calculators that won’t let you down during an exam.

Disadvantages of a Casio Calculator

It can create over-reliability on the calculator.

When students start using their calculator in the first stages of Math learning, you may begin to rely on the calculator such that it becomes hard to tackle simple math.


Different Functions in Casio Calculators

Casio Calculators have different functions:

  • Game Box. Casio offers game calculators to appeal to the younger crowd. Commonly known as boxing calculators, these devices allow kids to learn Math in a more interesting way. Kids can explore numbers and identify their relationship so that it becomes easy when manipulating them
  • Integration. Casio Integral Calculators support all integration techniques including definite and indefinite integrals. They also allow calculations of integration functions with many variables
  • GST. GST is a function of calculators that support tax rate calculation. It benefits manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers when calculating the taxes levied on them by the government
  • Fraction. The fraction function works when your calculator is in math mode. It allows you to enter fractions using the Button the fraction function button. This function also allows input of mixed numbers such as (1½ ) using the same button with the sequence SHIFT before entering the fraction
  • Printing Calculator. Finance and accounting professionals and Business students can make do with a printing calculator. They are developed with functions to support their fields like the entry of data and printing the results in receipt form. Users can quickly verify their results using the print sheet as verification of their accurate results
  • GT and Memory Function. This is the Grand Total Memory function. When you press the (=) button, results of the current operation are stored in the GT memory. It is similar to the memory function as they help to recall what has been stored in Memory
  • Complex Numbers. This type of calculator allows the user to perform simple arithmetic on complex numbers. Using the complex mode, the calculator will evaluate expressions in the assigned complex numbers. They use headings as maybe x and y to represent real and imaginary parts of the number
  • Mod. Casio graphing calculators have the mod function. In the mod function; MOD (x,d), the calculator returns the remainder after dividing x by d. The result is assigned the same sign as that of the divisor d. As in, MOD (27,5) is 2
  • Graph. Graphing a function is pretty easy using a Casio graphing calculator. You simply press y=, enter the function, and the calculator produces the graph

Commonly Asked Questions about Casio Calculators

How to put Casio Calculator in degree or radian mode? – Your calculator will display the current angle mode by displaying wither D or DEG for degree. If it’s either R or RAD for radian, or G or GRA for Grad, you can change that by.

Press the (MODE) button; it will help you cycle through the display until the angle mode selection screen appears. Now input the angle mode according to the corresponding number it appears.

How to make Casio calculator show decimals? – If you want answers to show in decimals instead or fractions; turn on the calculator, press SHIFT, press MODE and then press 2 to select LineIO.

How to clear Casio calculator? – You may be getting ready for an exam and need your calculator to clear the memory, mode, or everything. Press shift + Mode. It will give you MCL (press1), Mode (Press 2), All (Press 3). Press 1 to clear memory, 2 to clear mode, and 3 to reset all.

How to check Casio calculator originality:

  • Press and hold the Shift, Number 7 and ON button at the same time. It should display that all pixels are on
  • Press shift button until the number 1 appears
  • Press all the numbers starting from the Alpha button sequentially
  • Do not press the ON button
  • Finally, press the = button after you’ve pressed all the numbers
  • The answer should be 44 OK

Casio Calculator Warranty Information

All Casio calculators are warranted by Casio and its distributors against defects in material and craftsmanship for one year. The warranty does not cover the battery and the case. You should show proof of purchase for a guarantee to be approved.

Casio Calculator Models

Standard Function Calculator (JV-220, JF-100BM). These are calculators designed for office and home use. They are excellent for primary school levels of education. These models feature a large display with 8 or 10 digit options. They also have a range of features from basic to extensive.Casio Standard Function Calculator (JV-220, JF-100BM)

12 Digit Casio Calculators (JS-20TS, JW-200TW). These calculators mostly favor office operations where users need an angled display to share input and solutions with other staff members. The 12 digit option includes Tax and Exchange plus profit margin % to give fast access to profits and prices. They have a durable metal faceplate for daily use.12 Digit Casio Calculators (JS-20TS, JW-200TW)

Graphing calculator (FX 9750GII, FX-9860GII SD). These are models designed for graphics, graphs, and advanced formulas. They feature large LCD screens to increase visibility and allow plotting of multiple graphs. They have a fast processing speed, natural display, natural input, dynamic graphing, etc. They are best for college students doing advanced Math, Engineering, and Business courses.Casio Graphing calculator (FX 9750GII, FX-9860GII SD)

Scientific calculator (FX-115ESPLUS). This is an advanced scientific calculator with 280 functions. It can tackle fractions and statistics with no problem. It is a good choice for High School and College students for General Math, Physics, Trigonometry, Algebra I & II, Engineering, and Calculus.Casio Scientific calculator (FX-115ESPLUS)

Printing Calculator (HR-100TM, HR-8TM). These are portable models designed to fulfill your on-the-go accounting needs. They offer a sizeable 12-digit display with 1.6 lines per second speed. They make quick work of margin, cost, and selling price calculations.Casio Printing Calculator (HR-100TM, HR-8TM)

Sharp Scientific Calculator vs. Casio

Sharp and Casio have nearly the same functions in their calculators. This is in terms of summation, numerical integration, everyday functions, and speed.

But with the coming of the Casio FX115ES PLUS, we see a better Casio Scientific Calculator. It is sturdier and more compact than Sharp’s EL-W516B. The processor is up to 15% faster, and the physical constants are updated.

Casio vs. Canon Calculator

Canon scientific calculators are known to offer more functions than Casio scientific models. But Canon is small on display and, the prices are not exactly affordable. A Canon may have many functions, but it’s not better if you are going to struggle while reading the results.

Casio Calculator vs. Texas Instruments

Both of these companies have calculators for similar target audiences. Depending on the calculator you pick, the prices will differ distinctively. Casio offers user-friendly features with the best possible price on their calculator. On the other hand, Texas Instruments are reliable for graphing calculators, but the prices are quite high compared to a Casio.

The hands-on exploration two calculators Casio fx-CG50 and TI-84 Plus CE see video:

Casio fx-CG50: Hands On with the Newest Casio Prizm


We’ve gone through some of the best Casio Calculators this brand has to offer. It is apparent that Casio is a reliable brand seeing that it has been here for decades. If you want a Casio Calculator for High School, College, work, or home use, one of these models will be great for you.

A Casio Calculator is always an affordable investment. They don’t skimp on features, and they are big on functionality.

Go on and get yours today.


  1. Yuan Yim May 5, 2018

    My first calculator was Casio fx-98. I last about 5 years. just need to change the battery. Their calculators are really a long lasting one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Edward Becker May 13, 2018

    Best review ever. Thanks for sharing such an informative review. can you suggest me some models in $30-$35?

  3. rajesh July 18, 2018

    such a detailed review man. i would like to buy calculator under 40$

  4. raju July 18, 2018

    With thanks! Valuable information about calculator. such a great information. today you have earned a loyal visitor to your site

  5. Jan April 12, 2020

    I have several of the basic calculators for daily use.
    But there is one important problem with them: the annoying Auto-power off function! It too often destroys your work.
    You calculate a number, then you work with the number (I’m talking about the professional business work), which can take some time and when you need the number again – it is gone. The calculator was powered off autimatically.


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